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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Jason Wolf, owner/operator of TripleTone Studios, announced today that the feature film “The Other Side of Infinity” will be mixed by re-recording mixer and partner, Glen Matisoff, at TripleTone Studios over the next couple of weeks.

Writer, Director, Composer and Producer James Lay has an emotionally powerful science fiction film called “The Other Side of Infinity” releasing later this year. “The Other Side of Infinity” Produced by Hollywood Access’s Dr. Sabra Smith and Dr. Gem Wiltshire in association with Blue Voodoo Productions is a film about the last day of the sun. It follows four storylines moving nonlinear in time, three time periods; present day, 1960′s and 1700′s.

James, previously a Sound Designer/Rerecording Mixer, states “I want to give a shout out to my rerecording mixer Glen Matisoff and his team at TripleTone Studios. As some of you know my previous career before becoming a Writer Director, I was a top sound designer on Inception, Fight Club, Troy and Jeepers Creepers to name a few of over 50 films I worked on…. Where does a top sound designer go for his sound work? TripleTone Studios.”

Audio Post Production services to include Rerecording Mix, Sound Design, Dialogue Editorial, and Foley, ushering in Post Production services to New Mexico, supporting its commitment and dedication to serve the Film and Television industry.

“We are very excited to be having James at the facility to work on this exciting film,” says Wolf, “as New Mexico continues to be recognized as the best place for filmmakers to work, we here at TripleTone are passionate about supporting the Postproduction side of filmmaking by giving Directors and Producers the same quality service and world class experience they’d expect from anywhere else… but with the enchantment only New Mexico provides.”

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